Live your best life Today!

Live your Lbest life Today!

Train with celebrity trainer Josefine Holmberg and get in the best shape of your life!

Train with celebrity trainer Josefine Holmberg and get in the best shape of your life!



Hi, I’m Josefine. I’m a Swedish, LA-based celebrity trainer and online coach. My passion in life is to help, inspire and motivate as many people as I can to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

 I help people all over the world reach their fitness goals, and I’ve even been lucky enough to work on celebrity transformations and exciting movie sets such as Terminator: Dark Fate and The Midnight Sky.

Training Programs

ONEYOU Sculpt:

Sculpt your dream body and booty. This is a program designed for those looking to sculpt their body with weight lifting, in order to get that bikini body. Or if you want that amazing Mackenzie Davis body that I helped her to transform into for Terminator: Dark Fate.


Want to get rid of excess body fat and show off that lean muscle mass? This is the plan for you. Let’s lose that extra bit of stubborn weight and get those abs showing!


Think Gabriel Luna in Terminator. If you want to gain more lean muscle mass and look like a total badass, this is the program for you. Add lean muscle mass without too much unnecessary and unwanted fat.

Celebrity Clients


Together with the OneYou Team and your success coach we will make sure that you feel and look your best in order to live the life you have always dreamed about.

With our simple method you will gain control over your life with habits that will create a healthier, happier, sexier and more energized version of you.

Being good at the basics is what will help you get to the next level and become the strongest, healthiest and best version of you!

What’s Included

The OneYou app is designed to help inspire and motivate you, through simplicity and consistency. My custom workouts (which I’ve designed for celebrities like Mackenzie Davis, Tiffany Boone, Ben Affleck, Gabriel Luna…) will help you achieve your goals, no matter your circumstances.

Work out at the gym or from home. Sculpt, shred, or build muscle… I’ve got you covered.



My custom-to-you nutrition plans help you achieve your goals even faster, while still considering any dietary needs or even preferences. Love pancakes? Great! So do I!
Let’s keep your nutrition sustainable, but effective.

Dine Out Option

Have plans but still want to hit your goals? My app provides a dine out options which will help you stick to your nutrition goals without having to give up your social life.

Shopping List

Have everything in one place. Consult your shopping list inside the app and tick as you go, or have the shopping list for the week (or day, or multiple days) emailed to you.


Monthly check-ins allow me to tweak your plan. This will ensure you get maximum results as you, your health and your body evolve - this way you’ll never get stuck at a plateau but you’ll keep moving forward toward your goal, even if your goal changes.

Everything in one place: workouts, meal plans, progress.

“I worked with Josefine for 9 months in 2018 and I was amazed at her dedication, knowledge, and her passion for her work. She was my trainer, my nutritionist, and my physical therapist all in one, and she performed all three roles with patience and kindness. Our work together required Josefine to take me – not an athlete or even particularly active – and turn me into a peak athlete over the course of 3 months to be ready for day 1 of shooting, and then to keep training me every day while shooting.

She went above and beyond to find healthy and careful solutions to every problem we came across and in the process she transformed my body from flabby and scrawny into some sort of machine I still don’t really recognize.

She’s so kind I didn’t even realize how drastically she had changed me, and I’m forever thankful for her!”

- Mackenzie Davis (Terminator: Dark Fate, Blade Runner 2049)

- Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

- Tiffany Boone (The Midnight Sky, Hunters)




  • Ongoing personalised nutrition plan
  • Changes weekly
  • Choose likes, dislikes or allergies
  • Calorie & macro tracking + shopping list
  • Evolves with your progress
  • Desktop members area


OneYou | GOLD


  • Ongoing custom workout program + meal plan & shopping list
  • Monthly progress check-ins
  • Plans evolves and updates with you and your progress
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Desktop members area
  • Ongoing support




  • Workout program custom to your  fitness goal
  • Choose between at home or gym program
  • Monthly progress check in
  • Evolves with your progress
  • Desktop members area



  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • ​Personalized Meal Plan
  • ​Step By Step Video Demos
  • ​Grocery Guides w/ Downloadable Lists
  • ​Restaurant Meals Replacements/Options
  • ​Allergies/Dislikes Substitution List
  • ​Fitness Log
  • ​Progress Log
  • ​Community Connection w/ Likeminded Members
  • ​Online Support
  • ​14 Day Happiness Guarantee



*USD. Billed Monthly.



*USD. Billed Annually.


  • Personalized Workout Plan
    Valued - $30
  • Personalized Meal plan
    Valued - $70
  • Self Accountability tools
    Workout Log and Fitness Diary
    Valued - $40
  • ​Priority Support
    Valued - $50
  • ​Access to Private Community Group
    Value - Priceless
  • ​Access to Mindset Video Library
    Value - Priceless
Train with me personally. Whether you're getting ready for a competition, photo shoot, or transformation event - I've helped dozens of professionals transform their bodies.

I'd love to do the same for you.
Train with me personally. Whether you're getting ready for a competition, photo shoot, or transformation event - I've helped dozens of professionals transform their bodies.

I'd love to do the same for you.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the

The program is available through my website on the members only section after you have purchased. Go to the services page, choose a plan, make payment and enter all your personal details and I will start putting together your personalized program!

Is this a subscription
based program?

Yes, the reason I have chosen to do this is so you can continue your progress as maintenance is so important. You have the option of a monthly based program or quarterly. This means the programs are constantly updated with workouts and meals tailored just for you depending on the program of your choosing plus continuous support from myself and my team. The beauty of this is that you are not tied in and you can cancel at anytime.

Is the program available
world wide?

Yes! It’s imperative to me that anyone in the world can access this program.

Can I do the plan
at home?

We can tailor the plan for you to complete this in your own home if you wish! All you need is a set of weights/dumbbells. You would need to select home only on the set up form.

Refunds and returns.

For information on my refunds and returns policy, please see the terms and conditions.

How do I cancel?

To cancel your membership you must email myself with at least 7 days notice so that you are not charged again. Please note that when you cancel all plans and support will be removed from your account.

Is this good for
a beginner?

The workout is entirely tailored to you and your goals. So if you are new to the gym I’ve got your back with your very own personalized program. Choose weights that are light for your fitness levels and gradually work your way up.

Is each month
the same?

No, each month is different. This will involve an increase weight, change of exercises and changes in your meal plan that is constantly updated. It’s all about progress and maintenance.

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